As your Sheriff, I will work hard to make the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office the most trusted, efficient, and publicly supported law enforcement agency in the north state.  To accomplish this, I will address crime prevention and improved response times.  I will enforce laws, build strong, positive relations with the Board of Supervisors, and work with a coalition of local and state agencies to address behavioral health and chemical dependency within our criminal justice system.

I will build a trusted, transparent Sheriff’s Office through leadership, innovation, and community involvement. My goal is to schedule regular community information meetings throughout the county to hear about complaints, concerns, and, most importantly, what TCSO is doing right.

Office of Emergency Services

As I travel around Trinity County talking to people about their concerns related to law enforcement, I have been getting a number of questions about the transfer of the Office of Emergency Services (OES) from the Sheriff’s Office to the Department of Health and Human Services. This was a decision made by the Board of Supervisors in an effort to better serve the people of Trinity County.

In my various law enforcement assignments throughout California, I did not find it unusual to have a non-law enforcement government agency manage the administration of OES.  Oftentimes, it results in a beneficial situation for those requiring assistance in the aftermath of a disaster.  The performance of life-saving duties and the protection of property, as well as operating the reverse 911 system, will always be the primary mission of your Sheriff’s Office.

As your Sheriff, I pledge to take an active role with Trinity County OES in planning and preparing for catastrophic emergencies. I will work with agencies at all levels within the county to ensure emergency plans are current, training is conducted, and necessary funding is available to ensure the safety of the population.


The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office has been minimally funded over several years. The current County budget authorizes over 38 percent of the general fund to the operation of the Department. However, this is barely enough to maintain the status quo of today’s level of service.

The next Sheriff will have to deal with a new jail facility, personnel shortages due to retirements, increased costs mandated by the retirement system, replacement vehicles, increases to fuel and repair costs, among many other issues. As your Sheriff, I will put to use my many years of experience with budget management and grant administration, networking with allied agencies, as well as my knowledge of alternate funding sources at the state and federal level. I am committed to being a reliable steward of the taxpayer’s money.

My extensive experience with recruiting qualified personnel and understanding the importance of retaining existing employees will be used to foster improved morale and efficient delivery of services to the public. Increasing training opportunities for all employees will improve morale, make employees more valuable, and make it attractive for them to stay in Trinity County. My plan also addresses many internal issues related to the health and welfare of all Sheriff’s Office personnel.

Concealed Carry Weapons

As your Sheriff, I understand my duty to protect the rights of the citizens, especially with regard to the 2nd Amendment.  I will work with the California State Sheriffs’ Association to support the “right to bear arms,” and will continue the existing program of CCW authorizations in Trinity County.  I am a strong supporter of gun ownership provided that all state and federal laws are followed. I own several firearms and have been a member of the Weaverville Rod and Gun Club for several years. With over 30 years of law enforcement experience, I realize the importance of regular training with your weapons in order to stay proficient and have confidence should you need to protect yourself from harm.


Trinity County is one of the most beautiful places in California. Having lived here for nearly 20 years, my family and I enjoy and respect the natural splendor of our landscape. However, over the past several years, we have seen an increase in illegal cannabis cultivation in our forests and illegal camping and dumping on public waterways. The people doing this have endangered our natural resources and created a threat to all people and creatures living in Trinity County. By participating with the Weaverville Support Service volunteers in cleaning illegal campsites, I can tell you first hand of the destruction and hazardous conditions caused by these people. I have a plan of action to deal with this dangerous situation that involves many levels of local and state resources.

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